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I began doing commissions organically.  I was working on a project while waiting for a hair appointment, and drew some inquiries.  From there it simply snowballed.  I love working closely with a client to help build their vision.

Upper portion of 'Cassydi'


This is Cassydi.  A client wanted a portrait of her daughter done in my signature style, and I'm really pleased with how it came out, overall.  Given that the image was created using a photograph, I think next time I'll take more artistic license with highlighting the eyes, instead of following the photo so exactly.  See the entire piece in my Portfolio!

Crows Have Pride

This commission was for a man who wanted to show both his spirit and pride.  I started by laying in the color with watercolors, and then building up the patterns over the wings.  I wanted the wings to have that multicolored glow truly black feathers can have in th light.  The rainbow tail feathers were requested by the client, and it was quite a challenge to get the shading right, without losing all al of the color.  See the entire piece in my Portfolio!

Detail of 'Crows Have Pride'

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