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The New Site Is Live!

I'm so excited to announce that the new site is live! After years of having different sites for different types of things, and listening to folks tell me that I needed to specialize, I finally decided to go my own way. I'm never going to be 'that girl', who focuses on only one thing.

For years, I've tried to shoehorn myself into someone else's mould of what I should do or be. I've tried to limit myself to one journal, one planner, one perfume, one type of tech. You know what? That's not who I am. I'm always going to be the girl who wants to be on an iPad one minute, and a PC the next, who spends time drawing on the iPad, and doodles in half a dozen other sketchbooks, with different types of paper, who paints in acrylics, gouache and watercolor, who crochets, and embroiders, does cross-stitching, and macrame, and who draws with ink and pencil, and plays around with all kinds of different materials in jewelry, clothing and other artwork.

Instead of trying to divide myself, and hope that people will see who I am, what I stand for, and what I can do, I'm going to bring it all together and create a community around it. Above everything else, I love people. I love beauty, and I love people, and I love the beauty that is inherently within all people, so why not bring all of those things together?

That's why this site brings, my fine art site, Tangles, Twists and Treasures (long closed), but my old jewelry and other crafts site, my Reky Heriheru YouTube site, which reviews video games, and shares artwork, tips, techniques and tutorials on arts, crafts and games, and my Instagram all together in one place.

Welcome to Ib Visual Arts!

'Ib' is the Ancient Egyptian word for 'heart', and this is definitely all of mine. I hope you'll find it a fun, magical place, where you can make friends, talk art, games and life, and explore all of the various things I make. At 'heart', I am a maker. At 'heart', I like to teach people, and lend an ear, and build communities around the things that I love, hoping to draw other people in and spread a little bit of happiness.