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Doing My Stuff

The term 'Fine Art' is such a subjective thing. Some folks include Fiber Arts such as weaving, but don't include crocheting and knitting. Some folks include fashion and others do not. The line between arts, crafts and trades has always been blurred. Personally, I don't worry about it. I just do my thing!


If it requires a pen, ink, paint, thread, resin, paper cutting, or knotting it in some way, I probably do it!

Showing My Stuff

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Giving My Stuff

If I have an opportunity to show my work publicly, or donate my time and efforts to charity, I like to do it!

Selling stuff is a rather new venture for me. I've sold several pieces of my work through galleries, but this is the first time I've built a full store, and the store will have more than just my gallery work.


Sharing My Stuff

I'm sharing my work across multiple channels, which is very exciting! You can also see my stuff on Facebook and YouTube!

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